Fun and pretty storage ideas in the master closet

    Now that I’m feeling like me again (almost back to 100 percent after my back injury!), I’ve been BUSY around the house. I’ve, as I say, gotten my mojo back. But it’s been a lot of little things that don’t add up to one big thing. But each project, no matter how small, gives me great satisfaction. It feels so GOOD to get things done again! 
    One spot that isn’t even close to done but is coming along is my closet. We had a huge master in our old house that served us well. I always had more plans for it but it was easy to keep organized. We have his and hers closets in this house and so far I’m loving it (because mine is the bigger one 😂). 
    I added cabinets in our old closet for our folded clothes and I loved having it put away behind doors. I want to do something similar in our new closets, but for now we’re working with what we have. We didn’t upgrade anything in these rooms because I wanted to see how we used the spaces before putting any money into them. 
    Well, I lived with mine for months and living with clothes and jewelry in boxes was starting to get old. So I started with a spot to put the smaller clothing like socks and tanks. I went with this Hemnes dresser from IKEA and it fit perfectly at the end of the closet under the taller shelves. (It’s on sale right now!)
    Then I was able to have some fun with the top of the dresser — I was excited that I had all this space to use for the prettier items! I use trays to corral lotions, sprays and perfumes:
    Displaying lotions and perfume
    I was thrilled to get a lamp in there! I found it on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I have a random outlet in my closet, my husband does not and he’s super jealous of my lamp. 🙂 We plan to figure something out for his too. 
    I love having the lamp on while I’m doing laundry and going in and out putting things away. It’s just cozy and pretty. 
    I made a holder for my long necklaces at the old house (it covered the ugly utility access) but I needed something for this closet. I ended up using this tie holder — it has nearly 30 holders and works perfectly for necklaces!
    Jewelry and perfume display closet
    I got mine from the Container Store but (affiliate link) this one has nearly as many hooks and looks similar. 
    I love that little vintage silver tray — it’s one of my favorite Goodwill finds ever! Look at the sweet detail:
    Silver mirrored tray vintage
    I really need to clean it up but I just adore it. I’ve used it for years and I feel like it’s more on display in here than it’s ever been. 🙂 
    I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to store my shoes for YEARS!! Argh, it’s my biggest issue in the closet. I know wood shelves would be ideal, and maybe someday I’ll add some just for shoes. But I’ve tried wire racks and I find the shoes (especially heels) just become a mess. 
    I saw a picture of a closet with shoes neatly put away in plastic bins and fell in love with it. I figured they would be crazy expensive though –I found some plastic shoe bins at HomeGoods but they were $8 each — so I held off. And THEN I found them at the Container Store for less than $2 each. Still more than I wanted to spend though, and THEN I saw that they sell them in bulk for less. AND THEN they were on sale beyond that, so I got 20 shoe boxes for a little more than a buck each. SCORE. 
    So far I really like having them put away. I can fit numerous flat shoes in one so I have way more than 20 in the boxes. I ended up getting some for my husband’s shoes (they are bigger) and those work great for boots:
    Lamp in a master closet
    Don’t look to the left or right — just straight ahead looks super organized and cute!:
    Ideas for jewelry and shoe storage in closet
    By the way, my every day shoes are in the mud room — I don’t put those in the boxes. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But the off season and less worn shoes are here. I have a stool to the right that I grab to get anything on the top shelves (top is for heels I don’t wear as often). 
    The little lamp is my favorite part though. I say add a lamp wherever you can! Kitchens, laundry rooms, closets…I love them anywhere!: 
    Girly closet with shoe and jewelry storage
    There you go — a start to an organized closet! I’ve got a long way to go but I don’t want to do much more just yet. Later we’ll do something built in for folded clothes and I want to wait to see what will work best. We’re still getting the lay of the land in this house! 
    Do you have any closet organization tricks or tips? What do you do with your shoes? 
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    Fun and pretty storage ideas in the master closet


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