Art wall around the thermostat (and a hanging art hack)

    I’ve had a lot of fun finding spots for our stuff in this house, especially art. Everything feels brand new in a different space! It’s been fun to figure out what works where — even though I’ve put way too many holes in the walls already. 
    We have this small hallway off the kitchen that has our thermostat: 
    Filling wall space around thermostat
    That closet was absolutely packed with stuff for months after moving in — you can see the clean, organized closet here
    I had a mirror up on the wall above the thermostat but it never looked right. I knew eventually I’d do something more there. So today I did just that, and in the process I remembered a trick I wanted to show you again!
    I’ve blogged about this somewhere in the last few years, but it’s a great tip worth mentioning again. Hanging art or frames with two hooks is the bane of my existence. When I turn something over and see two I feel like shaking my fists to the sky — nooooo!
    I showed you my painter’s tape trick for hanging larger pieces easily here. But for smaller ones like this there’s an even easier tip. Especially when you realize the two hooks aren’t even on the back…argh!!:
    How to hang art with two uneven hooks
    It’s hard to tell here but the two hooks were different distances from the top. *shakes fists in air*
    Soooo…here’s how to deal with that. Just tie a string across the two:
    easy hanging hack for frames with two hooks
    If you’re hanging more than one that needs to be at the same height, make sure your string is tied the same on each one. To make this easy I just tie it tight across the two, and then when you pull up the hooks will probably tilt in a bit like above. 
    You may still have to make teeny tiny adjustments if you want them all exactly even (they’re never totally even in this house), but it works great! These frames used to lean along the back of our son’s built ins in his old room for years: 
    hanging art around thermostat
    I’m going to change the navy blue mats (which are just posterboard). I was going to change some of the photos too, but our son was SO tickled to see them down here I’m leaving them as is, at least for now. I’ll eventually update with some more recent pics too. 
    It’s a sweet little spot! And I was happy to use what we had. It also works with the thermostat but doesn’t get in the way:
    gallery wall around thermostat
    I was able to get them up really fast since I wasn’t dealing with trying to make those uneven hooks work. 👍 
    Try the string trick if you’ve got annoying frames with two hooks. The only issue might be that they move around more than those secured by two nails. You can use the little rubber pads for cabinets on the back if that bothers you! (I don’t mess with that often.)
    Any other good hanging tricks you want to share? Have you ever tried this little hack? Check out this post with more tips on hanging art here!


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    Art wall around the thermostat (and a hanging art hack)


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