Clever Ideas to Store Pots and Pans


    Pots and pans can create clutter in no time. Moreover, if you don’t store them properly, over time they may chip and become full of scratches which isn’t a good idea. So, why not store them properly and keep your kitchen tidy in look and easy in use? So, here you go for some clever ideas to organize your pots, pans and skillets: 1. Invest in a Slide Out Storage Rack with Hooks That Can Fit into Any Cabinet Image via: wood technology 2. Purchase a Wire Organizer That Can Stack Your Pans Image via: i heart organizing , buzzfeed 3. Make an Organizer in Industrial Style with Metal Pipe and S Hooks Image via: pinterest 4. Get an Organizer in the Shape of a Tree Image via: the kitchn 5. If You Have a Large and Deep Drawer in a Kitchen Then Divide It for The Pots and Pans Image via: room clip 6. Build a Rack with Slats of Reclaimed Wood Over a Wall Image via: home bnc 7. Claim a Deep Drawer and Outfit it with a Shallow Shelf Drawer for Storing Lids Image via: dura supreme 8. Make a Holder from Wood to Store The Pots, Pans and Skillets in a Freestanding Manner Image via: design world , home design inspired 9. Transform a Pegboard into a Pot Rack Image via: frenchy fancy 10. Reclaim an Old Ladder into a Hanging Pot Rack Image via: the cottage market 11. Re-Imagine a Wagon Wheel into a Pot Rack Image via: pinterest , pinterest 12. Build This Clever Storage Shelf and Pot Rack in One Image via: hgtv 13. Reclaim a Pallet into a Wall Mounted or Hanging Pot Rack, You Can Paint It in Any Color You Want for a Fun Filled Look Image via: a greenpoint kitchen , pinterest 14. Hack a Towel Hanger Shelf by IKEA Image via: my heart behaves 15. Re-purpose a Crib Spring or Rail Image via: pinterest , pinterest

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    Clever Ideas to Store Pots and Pans


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