feminine graphic design inspiration.


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    Lately, I’ve been loving the idea of feminine branding with curvy lines, soothing colors, classic typefaces and the perfect corresponding images keep popping onto my radar. From my favorite illustrators (I’m looking at you Laura Berger… see more of her work in a previous post here) to friends like Natalie Catalina and new-to-me designers that I could spend hours searching the depths of Pinterest for, it’s all coming up design savvy. While I don’t currently have a branding project in the works, I thought I’d share my musings in the hopes that you love the added inspiration as much as I do.

    Which direction is your favorite?

    xx, chelsea

    inspiring feminine graphic art design. / sfgirlbybaynude female graphic art print. / sfgirlbybayfeminine graphic design inspiration. / sfgirlbybaysimple graphic design inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

    • photography credits in order of appearance: Golden Love Poem by David Band; world wildlife fund poster, laura berger via honestly wtf; bentwood cafe branding via pop & pac studio; Justin Vinalon for Syndicate; land; natalie catalina; laura berger; honor creative; studio meroe; Jazzberry Blue; Jess Caddick for green chameleon; Elliott Snyder; bentwood cafe branding via pop & pac studio; saturday studio.

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    feminine graphic design inspiration.


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