Cool Features You can Add to a Kitchen Island



    These days in home decor multi-purpose decor is focused a lot. Because houses are becoming smaller and utilizing things for more than one purpose is a technique that is truly a life saver. If you want your kitchen to be hardworking and living up to its full potential then you can make some modifications to the kitchen island. Here are some suggestions: 1. Outfit The Island with a Cooktop So That You can Prepare and Cook Meals at One Spot Image via: elmueble 2. You Can Extend One Side of The Island into a Banquet For Creating a Breakfast Nook Right Inside the Kitchen Image via: houzz 3. Alternatively You Can Lengthen The Island into a Dining Table and Put Chairs with It Image via: homedit 4. An Island Can be a Great Space for Squeezing In Some Open Storage Image via: cassiebustamante 5. Your Island Can Become a Mini Library or a Place to Store Your Cookbooks Image via: houzz 6. Boost The Functionality of Your Kitchen With a Second Sink Inside The Island Image via: landsociety 7. Install Pull Out Spice Racks and Fresh Produce Basket Drawers Image via: rosethekitchenlady 8. If You Want Something Fancy Shmancy Then Invest in an Island Refrigerator Image via: phsrescue 9. On The Opposite You Can Put an Oven inside The Island Image via: houzz 10. Provide a Home to the Big or Small Collection of Your Dishes Image via: shelterness , trendhomy 11. Transform the Island into a Mini Wine Cellar Image via: houzz 12. Assign a Space to Your Pots and Pans and Their Lids Image via: houzz 13. Fit a Mini Pantry Inside The Island Image via: marshallrealtyteam 14. You can Make Faux Cabinets on The Island If You Don’t Have Much Need of Extra Storage Image via: tranthomasdesign 15. If You Take Your Cooking Seriously Then Extend The Island into a Butcher Block with Storage Drawers Underneath Image via: myekdesign

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    Cool Features You can Add to a Kitchen Island


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