How I Saved My Skin for Less than $50


    Hey friends, how is life? I hope it’s good for you. Things are actually going pretty well for me, especially compared to the dumpster fire my life was just a few months ago. Hooray! Hooray for storm clouds clearing out. They do that you know. No storm in life lasts forever. Because no storm in nature lasts forever. Except on Jupiter, where a dust storm has been raging for over 340 years. This is my attempt at being motivational, is it helping? Anyway, when life was a vortex of stupid, I experienced a problem. It’s a problem that I know a lot of you struggle with too, but then I fixed it! And I’m going to tell you how. (This is non-sponsored by the way, just me sharing my random solutions with you). They are easy and affordable and totally doable too, well most of them. There is one weird thing. We’ll get to that in a min. Oh wait, I haven’t even told you what my problem was. The problem was adult acne. Like, barf. When life gets stressful, my face is the first one to tell you about it, and it was sending the message to everyone loud […]

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    How I Saved My Skin for Less than


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