10 Creative Garden DIYs That Are Out of the Ordinary



    Before everything gets covered with snow in a month or two, it is a great time to make something for your garden. In order to prettify your garden you will need some ideas. For that we have gathered some projects for you that you can try to set the scene in your garden. We are sure you are going to love these because we have tried to bring all those ideas that are unique. Here they are: 1. Design A Checkerboard Garden of Herbs Image via: 1 , 2 , 3 2. Paint Tires and Make Planters in Different Forms Image via: balconygardenweb , booksforbetterliving 3. Create a Vertical Garden with a Recycled Pallet Image via: popyhome , mykarmastream 4. Make a Turtle Topiary Image via: gardeningintheshade , h2obungalow 5. Try This Huge Concrete Leaf Orb Image via: 6. Recycle Vintage Teapots and a Ladder; You Can Find All These at a Local Flea Market Image via: organizedclutter , farmfoodfamily 7. Make A Stunning Flower Basket Planter with Pinecones Image via: svoimi v , cooletipps 8. Put Together a Fairy Garden inside a Reclaimed Wine Barrel Cut into Half Lengthwise Image via: pinterest 9. Make a Spilling Lights Garden Feature with Solar String Lights and a Teapot Image via: thenavagepatch 10. Lay a Garden Path That Leaves Others Stunned Image via: homebnc

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    10 Creative Garden DIYs That Are Out of the Ordinary


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