10 Charming Bedside Lighting Ideas



    Lighting is a very important part of a bedroom. The right choice of lighting can step up the decor game of the bedroom. So, we thought of collecting bedside lighting ideas for you. From big floor lamps to minimalist wall sconces and everything in between, there are many inspirational designs. Along the size, there are themed lighting fixtures too. So, here you go: 1. Illuminated Cube Wall Sconces That Have a Modern Take on Their Design Image via: archilovers 2. Aesthetically Chic Pendant Lights with an Artistic Sculptural Design Image via: houzz 3. Table Lamps with Colors Coordinating The Theme Color of The Room Image via: redchilena , houzz 4. Go For a Noticeable Industrial Lighting Fixture Image via: houzz , apartment therapy 5. Go for a Grand Glamorous Decor with Chandeliers Above The Nightstands Image via: homedit 6. If You Have a Niche Above The Bed Then Light It Up Image via: decoist 7. If You Want The Lighting to Take a Backseat Then Decorate with a Minimalist Design Image via: decoist 8. Or If You Want The Opposite Then Choose a Design Like a Starburst Image via: houzz 9. Break Rules and Put Floor Lamps Image via: houzz , pinterest 10. Set a Rustic Scene with Barn Lights Image via: digs digs

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    10 Charming Bedside Lighting Ideas


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