Comfortably Snug



    Feeling cramped in the bathroom? Um, check the medicine cabinet. I’m sure there’s something in there that can help. Oh, you mean it’s your bathroom itself that feels cramped? Here’s some advice. First of all, get rid of that full-size tub/shower combo. It’s a major space hog. Also, is there anything that contributes to crampage more than a soffit? Knock that dated thing out too. Upper cabinets? Byeeeeee. Other helpful tricks: flooring that carries all the way into the shower. Tile that runs all the way up the wall. These extend the eye across every square inch. Now your bathroom looks and feels twice as big!       So great! Speaking of big, have you ever been in a bathroom that’s TOO big? I have, and it’s not as fun as you’d think. It was so spacious that the toilet was smack dab in the center of distant wall, with nothing as much as a towel rack nearby and so uncomfortably far from the door. I’ve never felt so awkward while completely alone. Give me snug lil’ bathroom any day. This one from April at Uncookie Cutter is just right.  

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    Comfortably Snug


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