Byron Bay’s Modern Tropical Charm.


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    Many years ago, I traveled to Sydney for the first time and spent a couple of months living with a friend I had met during our college days in Sweden. I had the time of my life! Since then, Australia has held such a special place in my heart, and during a more recent visit to Oz, I was excited to see how the design scene there was flourishing. On the way back to the U.S., I stuffed several Aussie interior magazines, such as Frankie Spaces, Country Style and Inside Out into my carry­-on and studied them over and over as I planned what I would do with my next home.

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    wood-paneled wall with modern low sofa photo by Lisa Sorgini. / sfgirlbybay

    When I moved into our Portland, Oregon house, I really wanted my home to reflect my roots and formative travel experiences. As someone who’d grown up in Florida surrounded by my Puerto Rican family and Caribbean community, I knew I needed plenty of warmth, natural textures and Mediterranean meets tropical vibes to help me get through Portland’s dark winters. Yet I also needed something modern and serene. During the design process, one of my major influences was the design coming out of Byron Bay, Australia. This beach town was once a sleepy hippie community but has become a higher ­end tourist destination in recent years, as well as a hub for artists, designers, and shopkeepers. And man, are they flooding my Instagram feed with some gorgeous wares lately! These creatives are really capturing the warm, casual, and sun­faded charm that Byron Bay and other Aussie beach communities are known for in such a beautiful and contemporary way.

    cheers, ezz.

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    modern women's clothing store in byron bay, australia. / sfgirlbybay

    woven rattan acapulco chairs. / sfgirlbybay

    oversized palm frond arrangements in large ceramic vases. / sfgirlbybay

    bamboo chair with solid wood side table. / sfgirlbybay

    woven throw blankets with fringe. / sfgirlbybay

    striped tabletop linens with wood and ceramic dishwares. / sfgirlbybay

    • photography credits & shopping resources:

    Worn Store photos by Amelia Fullarton

    We are Pampa

    Pop and Scott; wood-paneled wall photo by Lisa Sorgini; and top sofa photo by Poppy Lane


    The Beach People photos by Matt Johnson

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    Byron Bay’s Modern Tropical Charm.


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