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This wonderful structure, which was designed to have a vertical shape and be a place where gardens and glass walls meet between the two main concrete façades, is a magnificent idea that improves the microclimate, giving not only abundant natural light, but also adequate ventilation to each of the rooms that comprise it.

This project, which is located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and covers an area of 321 square feet, was designed by the architectural firm VTN architects in the year 2016

Binh House 01 Imposing House in Vietnam with Internal Vertical GardensExterior view. Vertical construction

On its sides, we can find spaces that open horizontally and where plants grow abundantly, giving a beautiful touch to this amazing home.

Binh House 02 Imposing House in Vietnam with Internal Vertical GardensTerrace at the top of the building

Inside, the gardens are filled with different types of plants, giving the space fresh air, plenty of ventilation, and offering shade to allow those who live there to rest while also providing them with a direct special contact with nature.

The use of concrete, wood, and stone in its construction greatly reduces the maintenance costs.

Internal gardens seen from aboveInterior view of the gardensInterior view of the gardensDining room between plants and trees


The interior spaces have glass doors and balconies, which offer privacy and independence to the interior, as well as the option of interacting with families and friends.

Bedroom with glass doors and internal balconyBedroom with glass doors and internal balconyBathroom

In the evening, the structure rises through the lights of the interior and looks impressive and elegant.

Night view of the building

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